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Yesterday a friend gave me

Yesterday a friend gave me a bag of your Gluten Free Burger Buns, the swirly ones.
She said to try them, as I am GF and hate most GF bread.
I split the bun in half and toasted it.
WOW!! They are SO yummy!! And so light on my stomach! I have never eaten such tasty GF bread/buns before! I am totally hooked, and look forward to trying other Thoroughbread products! Especially the fruit bread and the Easter Buns!
I just need to find a supermarket close by that stocks your GF products. (I am in Titirangi West Auckland.
Totally the best GF bread EVER!!
Many thanks for being one of fabulous businesses that make such yummy GF
food for us Coeliacs:-)
Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!!

Shona Gaye Hutchings

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