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You can almost taste the love that’s gone into them

1 year ago we moved to Levin from Waiheke Island. On Waiheke Island there is a gentleman whom supplies the island with his delicious gluten free breads. Being Gluten free for 2 years now after being told I have to eat a Gluten Free diet for life as I otherwise suffer from dermitis herpetaformis. It affects my auto immune system and I also get blisters. I was at one of Levin’s local supermarkets in the bread isle, not expecting to see much other than Gluten Free breads with additives plus being so sweet that it is more pain than pleasure. I was surprised to discover your absolutely delicious breads, so I bought 2 loaves and ever since… I am really grateful to find your nutritional GF bread that tastes REAL. You can almost taste the love that’s gone into them. Thankyou.


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